CANThe Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has condemned the killing of Christians in Northern Nigeria.

The group also frowned at what it termed the inhuman treatment of its members in some states in the North.

Premium Times reports that the Southern Nigeria Christian Elders’ Forum and CAN, after a meeting, said “How can Christians be treated like cows and goats in the Northern part of Nigeria with impunity while we claim that Nigeria is a secular state?”

Adding that “The beheading of Mrs. Bridget in Kano and the murder attempt on Emmanuel in Kaduna should be the first and last of such because no one man or section has the monopoly of violence and we must do everything to stop such from reoccurring.

“That all the Muslims in the South should as a matter of urgency speak to their people in the Northern part to desist because if the killings continue, it will affect everybody both in the North and in the South. If God has brought us together, then let us live in unity.”

“We call for adequate compensation for lives lost and medical bills of Emmanuel Francis be paid fully by the State Governments involved.

“We equally call on the Federal Government to provide security for all the citizens no matter the creed and religion. We are human beings and not animals. We are entitled to live and not to be destroyed,” the group added.

This is following the beheading of Bridget Agbaheme by hoodlums in Kano state for alleged blasphemy against Islam.
Also, Francis Emmanuel, a 41-year-old carpenter was stabbed by a group of youths in Kaduna state for eating during the Ramadan fast.