Veteran actress, Kate Henshaw, has opted to let sleeping dogs lie and has declared that she has forgiven Nigerian comedian, Akpororo, after the latter used her name for the publicity of his upcoming show without getting her consent, according to her manager, Funke Kuti, who spoke to Punch.

Speaking on behalf of the actress, in a telephone conversation with Punch, Kuti said, “The apology has been accepted.”

“It was a misunderstanding. She has forgiven him. She will be at the show. One thing Kate does is, she supports and encourage up-and-coming entertainers. She is a big sister to him.”

In her earlier reaction to Akpororo’s indiscretion, Henshaw reportedly took to the social media and gave the comedian 48 hours to dissociate her from the publicity, report says.

Akpororo wasted no time rendering an apology when he wrote, “Good evening ma, before anything else I just want to say I am very sorry ma for the misunderstanding.”

“I am so sorry for not following up after our last conversation about my show when you were out of the country the other day.”

“I will never disrespect you or even take you for granted for any reason, I respect you so much ma, please pardon me ma. Thanks and God bless you ma”.

So far in 2016, the world has seen quite a number of bickering from celebrities. Some have been within their social circle, or when they are lashing back at a rude fan.