By Kamsi Ezenwa
Nigeria’s singing sensation Kafayat Shafau-Ameh popularly known as Kaffy has continued to receive negative feedbacks
following her semi-nude picture which she shared on Instagram on Wednesday. The said picture was shot by ace photographer Kelechi Amadi-Obi.

However Kaffy has paid no attention to the hues and cries of those who lambasted her audacious move rather has
insisted that her body deserves all the attention and care it deserves.

kaffy 2
“My body is my art. My canvas. My paintbrush. My instrument of expression. #Beinspired #fitmom #dancemom #dancetrepenuer Be Happy In You!!! @kelechiamadiobi thanks for this!
I celebrate this body as its a testimony of God’s ingenuity . A production factory . An abode for passion. A chamber for motherhood . A masterpiece,” she captioned it.
Some of her followers on Instagram called her names like ‘prostitute and immoral mother of two’. She has consequently replied her social media critics saying,

“If you don’t like what I do because u don’t understand why it is fine. Even with all d miracles that God used through His messengers to show His presence and majesty people still spat at them and condemned them. For those of you that feel clothes on or off defines righteousness master of the day of judgment.

For those of u that think cuz my clothes off will make my daughter and son evil influence expert of
character building . The end shall justify.

You have no idea how many great kids have come out of terrible homes and vice versa. So pls carry on with ur PERFECT life that only produces saints. It’s not your place to judge.”

Kaffy who sizzled in MC Galaxy’s song Komolop Cholop further said those who claimed to be nice have ruined the lives of those they seemingly cared for.

“You judge me for taking clothes off to inspire but a lot of ur daughters,sons,brothers,sisters are victims today of
terrible crimes . Harm inflicted upon them by people who claim to be perfect .

“Many who flaunt flawless personalities in ur home ,church,mosque and workplace but are demented dark souls daughter will not live a meaningless life and that what matters some of yours appear perfect and if you know what they do with their body.

You would prefer they take naked picture sef than defile their body they way they body is God’s TEMPLE .HE is
d only one invited to the service I conduct in worry about your self and Him,” she added.

Kaffy also revealed alongside the photo she wants women to feel empowered and appreciative of their
bodies as she does hers.