By Izuchukwu Okosi

Nollywood star Richard Mofe-Damijo has sensationally revealed that he was sceptical about making a return to the
screens after eight years away from his first love.

RMD as the super talented actor is affectionately called by adoring fans took time off to go into public service in
Delta State under the government of Emmanuel Uduaaghan but has since returned to his ‘first calling’.

RMD said on social media that there were “doubts, questions” about going back to acting but Gods’s grace enabled him
to conquer his fears.

“Let’s take some time to revisit the ‘you‘re too old to go for your dreams’ myth. Yea, it’s a myth and if anyone
tries to convince you otherwise, tell them to take a good look at me”, RMD said in a post on his social media page.

“I left the scene (my dreams) for EIGHT YEARS…8 years in the entertainment industry is a lifetime, trust me, so I
call it EIGHT LONG YEARS of being away from my dreams.”

“Contrary to what a lot of you think and/or believe, when it was time for me to return to my dreams, I was scared,
worried, uncertain, had doubts, questions, and fears but hey, I went to the rock that is higher than I (God). I went
to Him in humility and sincerity.

Damijo alluded to the fact that a sound body and mind were instrumental in his career ostensibly due to perceived
views that he was ill at some point.

“The thing you call swag, sex appeal, charisma…you name it, is the GLORY OF GOD…It is by His special grace that at
55 rapidly going on 56, I am blessed to live my dreams in health and sound mind.

“Today, I encourage you to conquer your fears, worries, doubts, uncertainties and go with God. Go for your dreams…
it’s never too late to start, never too late to try again.” spoke briefly with the charismatic actor briefly on the blockbuster comedy produced by Opa
Williams ‘Three Wise Men’ that starred RMD himself alongside Zack Orji among others.

“Thanks for the compliments. I’ll continue to do my best for my fans,” he said amid a chit chat about his favourite
football club, Arsenal FC who have booked their place in the Round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League.

RMD has also been engaged in several campaigns and advertisements of leading telecommunications giants Glo.