Political observers will be keen to find out how the US election which has generated worldwide interests thanks to
the heated debates, campaign talks and tantrums between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican’s Donald
Trump pans out on Tuesday (November 8) and early Wednesday morning.

The media frenzy will add to the excitement and tension. The Cable News Network (CNN), Fox News, American
Broadcasting Network (ABN) and other international media organisations like the British Broadcasting Corporation
(BBC), Sky News and Aljaazera etc will have indepth analysis and minute-by-minute reports of proceedings in the

In Africa too, breaking news, features and analysis of the events in the US by television, radio and online media
organisations will offer interesting perspectives to the election.  Who has the best foreign policy that will favour Africa? Who has the pre-polls been tipping?

Donald Trump has divided opinions due to his no-holds-barred attitude but the recent email scandal involving Clinton
seem to have swung the pendulum his way-or has it?

As the titans round off their campaign strategies the debate over who could make a better successor to Barack Obama
has split families and friends.

Trump’s harsh disposition towards Clinton and his supposed ‘disrespect’ for women, aparthy to the African Americans
and open hatred for Muslims as a result of terrorist attacks on US citizens and its rippling effect worldwide have
seemingly hampered his chances against the former Secretary of State who has received massive support during her
campaigns ably supported by her husband and former US President, Bill.

The FBI on Sunday announced that a new batch of emails linked to Hillary Clinton’s private email server have not
changed conclusions that she committed no criminal wrongdoings.

The plot is getting even more interesting. The world cannot wait to see who wins and who loses.

And just for good measure in Ghana the presidential election will hold same day as the United States’ while in
Nigeria there is also local elections in Ondo state.

Meanwhile the official visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to Edo state and the recent meeting between him and Niger
Delta leaders are other issues that will surely dominate discussions from Nigerians at home and in diaspora.

The suspense is spell binding. Lets hope the USA vote in the right candidate to occupy the White House.

Someone once asked what the concern of people was on election issues in the USA. Well if we know (and agree) that
the president of the United States is the most powerful leader in the world, then issues that could concern Africans
and the black race should interest us all.