Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has reflected on the 2016/17 season that culminated in the Europa League
final win over Ajax on Wednesday night and hailed his team’s achievements after they won the Europa League title
that secured them a spot in next season’s Champions League, reports

United defeated Ajax 2-0 to qualify for European football’s elite tournament, having finished sixth in the Premier

“It is the end of a very difficult season. But a very very good season,” said Mourinho at his post-match interview.

“We preferred to reach the Champions League this way than finish fourth, third or second. We got the objective, we
are back in the Champions League by winning a title, an important title. The club now has every title in world
football. We fought hard for this since the beginning.

“We always thought that we could win the Europa League and we are very happy. We played intelligently, we did it in
a comfortable way. We were much stronger than them.

“If you are dominant in the air you go long. There are lots of poets in football but poets don’t win many titles. We
knew where we were better than them and we exploited their weaknesses.”

Mourinho stated that the just ended season was his most challenging due to injuries to key players.

“We totally deserved the win. I am so happy to see the boys with the crutches with the trophy and now I am on
holiday. I don’t want to see any international friendlies, I am selfish. I can’t do it,” said Mourinho.

“For me, enough is enough. It has been a very hard last few months, we were short of numbers.

“Three trophies in one season and the Champions League. I am very happy in my most difficult season as a manager.”

Speaking of transfers in the summer, Mourinho said: “Ed Woodward has my list, what I want, what I would like for
more than two months. So now it’s up to him and the owners.