Godwin Emanor

Love guests looking for love in the Aunty Love’s Pad were on Monday handed their first task in the new reality television show on Dstv.

The 16 males and females battling for the ultimate prize of a lavish traditional wedding, a tastily furnished house, money and other gifts were paired into four groups for the drama presentation to be delivered on Saturday.

The drama presentation will depict how naming ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies, wedding and burial ceremonies are just a few of the things to be depicted in the play on Saturday.

Media personality Adesuwa Onyenekwe who is the guiding character referred to as ‘Aunty’ visited the season one love guests at 10am on Monday to read out the tasks and also take note of their requests that was tucked in the email box.

Later in the evening, the love guests gathered at the Courtyard where they exhaustively spoke on the relationship and career plans of each other.

With all these in place, the show has kicked off to a great start and is pretty much going uphill from here on out. It would be exciting to see what happens next. All the viewers are expectant.