Everyday we hear differing tales of love gone soar or about desperate women and men falling prey to scammers on social media handles who defraud them of their hard earned incomes.

Newslegend.com.ng ‘s Contributor CHIAMAKA MAYA spoke to a Nigerian woman who almost fell to the antics of a supposedly Nigerian man ‘abroad’ looking for the next victim.

The woman (names withheld) saw the humorous side of the experience in the end but hers was one worth learning from. Read on.

“I met this guy on social media, and fast forward from getting to know each other, he said he lost an aunt, and would be coming back to Nigeria. Of course he already told me he stays abroad (the ambiance of his pictures seemed to support his claims).”

Then he goes: “what would you like me to get for you.” I said anything. He opted for shoes.

My ‘new friend’ asked for my size, even sent me videos in a store, whilst shopping for the shoes.

After few days, he texted me that he could not make it again but that he already shipped the shoes to me.

I wondered why because the shoe is not even that important and not the primary reason why he wanted to come back. So why going through the stress of shipping it over.

Two days later, I got a call from someone (supposedly a delivery agent ) saying my package have arrived Lagos and I should send my address and the sum of 30,000 Naira for “clearance” so it can be delivered to me.

The number called severally after, which I didn’t answer, as I was in a lecture room.

I texted the other guy (abroad man) on WhatsApp about the call I got and I remember emphasizing that I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY TO PAY besides everything was so rushed and we never talked about shipping anything to me.

After the chat, he stopped texting and the number never called me again.
As the days went, it began to dawn on me that it was a scam scheme, the pictures, the videos in a shoe store and of course the shipping which was a farce.

I would have fall prey if it was something I was desperately in need of at the time.

Newslegend.com.ng‘s Views: It is extremely dangerous to commit money or other valuable assets when dealing with a total stranger.

Some good and genuine opportunities can be accessed from the social media but it will be advisable to contact the law enforcement agencies when in doubt.

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